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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Two Manhattan Homes Linked by a Sky Bridge On The Market for $50 Million

A three story townhouse and a one bedroom apartment connected by Manhattan's Staple Street sky bridge are combined and listed for $50 million.

The innovative Tribeca home spans about 6,300 square feet of living space. The approximately 4,400 square foot townhouse features a stunning roof terrace while the one-bedroom condominium measures 1,900 square feet.

The one-bedroom building was built around 1893 as a hospital. The townhouse was constructed in the early 1990s as a stable/laundry facility for the hospital (this is back when ambulances were pulled by horses).

The purchase would technically be two different transactions - the one bedroom is a part of the 67 Hudson Street condo development.

The owner - fashion designer Zoran Ladicorbic - bought the two properties in 1985. He used the townhouse for business and the one-bedroom for living commuting by way of footbridge. The two agents have been stealthily shopping the home for the past few months but are now ready to list it on the market. Previous reports of a $30 million dollar price tag are false. Pricing the listing is very difficult because there are basically no properties to compare it to. This is the only property of its kind to ever be offered on the market.

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