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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summary and Reflection: In Tasmania, a Place to Watch ‘Nature TV’ (Newsfeed on www.castlesmag.com)

Meet Drew and Bea Beswick. While taking a trip to Tasmania, this couple fell in love at first site. Their love for this 30 acre property with a duck pond, green hills, and the shadow of Mount Wellington in Tasmania, prompted an automatic purchase (on the spot for ~$80,5000). The Beswicks patiently and diligently resided in Urban London for six years, until they were finally ready to move into their surreal location, in Tasmania. 

Aaron Roberts, a rising star in Australian residential architect and a college friend of Mr.Beswick, helped the Beswicks design and build this home. The designing took twelve months, while building took eighteen more months. Nonetheless, being built in one of the world's most sensitive ecosystems, Roberts and the Beswicks created an one-of-a-kind house- enchanting in all aspects.

The Kitchen: The essential point to this house is the kitchen, upon a special request by the couple. They sought to revolve the whole home around this kitchen- in essence of capturing Mrs.Beswick's childhood South-African outdoor home, while still managing to focalize the captivating forest. The grayscale colors used in this room, allows the natural colors from the outside to POP! 


Nature vs. Shelter: A weather-resistant coated, two-story house, sits atop a green hill. The assemblage of home and nature is consistent in each room- glass walls, open atriums, and even the intertwining of the surroundings with the house itself.


Room of purpose: The stainless steel fireplace complements the black plush furniture, while providing a view of the forest. Even the bathroom encompass nature, with a panoramic window. "An open shower along the far wall underneath a skylight completes the indoor/outdoor experience."


This house is endearing and peaceful. The modern simplicity exaggerates the complexity and natural beauty of Tasmania's forests. "It's a little house with big ideas," Mrs. Beswick said.

Photographer: Andrew Quilty From the New York Times.

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